Like living things, trees can also be afflicted with diseases as they can also grow weaker when not provided with the things they need.  

The professional tree care Charlottesville highlighted in an interview the need to provide the right nutrients to the plants in the right quantity. Trees need a good supply of sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, and other nutrients like calcium to be able to grow, strengthen their roots and branches, and mature fully. When they are not given one of these, they could become stressed that leads them to be more susceptible to different diseases and damages from the environment.  

It can be hard to diagnose a plant as it can be damaged due to several causes like different diseases as well as natural elements like too much light, and fewer soil nutrients. However, it is still important to be informed about the common diseases that your plants may experience. 


Fungal decay can be in two different forms characterized by white rots and brown rots. The white rots attach all parts of the tree that turn the whole wood into a pale spongy mass. The brown rots, on the contrary, typically attack the hemicellulose in wood except for the lignin. This causes the wood to decay, making it more brittle in each passing month. The damage may become severe to the point of the tree not able to sustain life anymore.  

These diseases can be easily spotted although it is oftentimes too late.  

Ash Dieback  

This is a serious disease that is caused by a fungus named Chalara fraxinea (C. fraxinea). it is characterized by stem lesions, that potentially leads to tree death. What makes it worse is that it can easily spread to other trees and nay cause the same destruction.  

There have been several reported severe cases that happened in different countries. The UK experienced it back in 2012 where a large number of trees were infected by this fungus and this went on within five years.  

Sudden Oak Death 

This disease has already caused damages in different parts of the United States, some parts of Britain, and even in Europe. This is caused by the fungus named Phytophthora ramorum.  

Bacterial and Fungal Infection 

These two kinds of infection are also very common to all plant species. For instance, the oak decline is caused by bacteria together with the damaging agents such as weather damage and insect infestation can lead to a decline in the number of trees, although this depends as it can only be acute, or chronic.  

Some oak species may cause the tree to bleed and may cause other damages like leaf discoloration, sparse foliage, twigs death, and more.  

Red Band Needle Blight 

This causes needle defoliation that may cause death in trees. What makes this disease destructive is that when a tree catches this disease, there is a high chance that it will lead to death. This is also worsened by the sudden rise of temperature in different areas that pave the way for more susceptibility for diseases and damages.  

Final thoughts  

There are still many kinds of diseases that will potentially damage trees. It is important to provide them enough water, light, and nutrients to strengthen them, making them less susceptible to diseases.