Weather Tips for Preparing Your House for Winter 

Before winter sets in, it is not the fancy thing for most people to think about how to prepare the house for the upcoming winter. Most of us would rather think of how to enjoy the apple picking activity, fall foliage, and other fun activities, and not on home maintenance tasks that can be essential for the winter season.  

Indeed, winter may cause damage, petty to large, on different parts of your house, and even on your comfort and convenience during the season. This is why we will share with you the things you need to do to prepare your house and yourself if winter will be setting in.  

Check you Water Heater Unit 

There is nothing worse than taking a cold shower in the middle of winter just because you became oblivious and passive on your unit weeks before the winter has set in. As much as it causes a lot of inconvenience to each of the family members in the house, pouring cold water in a cold environment can cause potential risks to your health. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your unit is properly maintained and repaired. If you have a fully difunctional unit, search for a water heater cost Irvine and purchase anew for winter preparation.  

Check Your Roof 

Winter may also come with a hailstorm, and so it is important to have a regular check on your roof even before the winter began to ensure it is ready to accommodate heavier droppings from the sky. You can look for these defects: 

  • Blistered, curling, and buckling shingles 
  • Rust spots on flashing 
  • Masses of lichen and moss  
  • Green and black algae  

If you notice some of these defects, immediately call a professional roofer and let him/her inspect your roof for the potential problems and fix the existing issues.  

Clear Out the Gutters 

When the snow melts, the water from the roof flows away from the roof, house, to the ground through your gutter. However, if you have not cleaned your gutter in the fall, leaves might block the passage, resulting in water pooling. If you let water pools on your roof, this potentially causes serious problems like water leakage on the ceiling or siding, structural decay, molds and algae infestation, and many more. Also, besides cleaning, check if the gutters have potential problems and hire a professional roofer to fix the problem as soon as possible.  

Trim Your Trees 

Trees might be pretty and harmless to look at. However, they could create damage to your house and property, as well as injurious accidents to anyone when a branch or two falls to the down especially under the influence of strong winds. In addition to this, overhanging limbs can cause water excess to seep into cracks in the house’s roofing or siding.  

Insulate Your Windows 

Even when you have a proper HVAC system, you fail at keeping your house convenient and energy-efficient when you fail at insulting your windows as air leakage might happen due to openings and spaces in between the windows and the wall.